Bronchix tincture 50 ml


Clef de champs

Ebambu approved
THE best formulated, organic and eco-friendly products available on the market

Each ml of Bronchix contains:

Medical ingredients:

  • (Althaea officinalis) Marshmallow fresh org. (root) 
  • (Purpurea) Purple echinacea fresh org. (root) E. 
  • (Angustifolia) Narrow-leaf echinacea fresh org. (root) E. 
  • (Valeriana officinalis) Valerian fresh org. (root) 
  • (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Licorice fresh org. (root) 
  • Bayberry dried bark Morella cerifera
  • Myrrh resin Commiphora myrrha
  • Propolis org. resin

Non-medicinal ingredient: 50% organic alcohol.