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Since 1927, Panda has been producing licorice renowned for its unique flavour and softness. Panda Licorice is made from All Natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or white sugar. Panda All Natural Raspberry Licorice is made with delicious Real Raspberries to create a mouth watering Raspberry taste sensation.


Table molasses, wheat flour, raspberry puree, citric acid (acidulant), natural flavour, black carrot juice concentrate, licorice extract.


  • Natural
  • Fat Free
  • No Preservatives
  • No artificial flavours or colours

Brand Information

Panda develops, manufactures, and markets food products in operations that follow the principle of sustainable development with the aim of preserving the natural environment. Their licorice comes from the root of the blue flowering pea plant which is found growing wild all over Southern Europe and Asia. Strong-flavoured, high-quality Panda all natural licorice is the product of manufacturing from natural ingredients, without preservatives and using time-honoured manufacturing methods.