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A baby nasal aspirator is not really a new accessory in childcare, however, the Pumpunel system is unique and replaces the models offered until then.

To date, there are mainly two major families of baby nasal aspirator: 
Oral suction systems and the pumps.

The improvements compared to the first category are that there is no need to inspire with the mouth to extract the mucus. This avoids any possible spread of microbes to the mouth and can be talked to and reassured by the child using the Pumpunel nasal aspirator.

The improvements over the traditional pump system are that it is possible to repeatedly aspirate continuously without repressing the mucus removed by a safety valve.
This avoids the need to clean the pump between suctions.


  • Attractive and safe shape for the child: yellow elephant
  • Ease of Use and Care for Mom
  • Efficient and fast
  • Recommended by pediatricians