Sarabecca - Hand Creams - 5 Scents



Ebambu approved
THE best formulated, organic and eco-friendly products available on the market


Treat your hands and enjoy all the aromas of a floral bouquet, all in one tube. The natural ingredients keep hands feeling moisturized while providing the scents that have won people over for generations.

Floral Citrus

Supercharge your routine with citrus and flowers. Sarabecca hand cream is made with all-natural ingredients that will hydrate your hands throughout the day, while the refreshing scent will keep you feeling alert and energized.

New Rose

Did you ever wish that you could feel the rich, smooth scents that a bundle of roses contains? The Sarabecca New Rose hand cream allows you to experience that smoothness without the greasiness of other creams. The natural ingredients this cream is made of lend it the silky scent of new roses to add to the soothing effect.

Vanilla Spice

Be invigorated by your favorite flavor throughout your day, while pampering your hands with this restorative hand cream. Sarabecca Vanilla Spice hand cream combines the comforting scent of vanilla with the soothing properties of all-natural ingredients.

Amber Blossom

Keep your hands looking and feeling luminescent with this soothing hand cream. The pure, natural ingredients provide restorative properties, without the heaviness of other creams. The rich, full-bodied scent will keep you wanting more.