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What to expect during your menopausal stage

Alexandra Leon

Menopause has always had this negative connotation in society. When one says the word, the immediate thought that comes to mind is suffering – suffering from pain, sleepless nights, low libido, mood swings, and many other sad things.

Both women and men dread the menopausal stage since they see it as the day when “all hormones break loose.” But the truth is it’s a natural transition of women from being fertile to infertile.

So here’s a quick read to better understand what menopausal really is.

Firstly, menopausal is simply the end of a woman’s menstrual process. This happens when the estrogen and progesterone are no longer being produced by the ovaries. These two are types of hormones relevant to the cycle. The halt of production of said hormones also means the ability of a woman to bear a child stops as well.

There is no particular time for menopause to occur. It varies per person. Some may experience it at a later age while some experience very early. Typically menopausal occurs in the 40s or 50s. But before you can say you’re completely menopaused, you should’ve gone 12 whole months without a period. In case you’re still experiencing it but intermittently, you’re probably in the stage which doctors call perimenopause.

What To Expect During Your Menopausal Stage - ebambu.ca

The perimenopause stage can begin an earlier at the mid to late 40s. During this period, the ovaries start to gradually produce less estrogen. During this transition, women can still be on a regular menstrual cycle and can become pregnant but they may start experiencing menopausal symptoms. Perimenopause stage will stop when the ovaries completely cease to release eggs and the menopause begins.

There are symptoms associated with menopause that can be experienced during perimenopause. Although women may experience different symptoms, the common cause is usually decreasing estrogen levels. Since estrogen is used by most body parts for various functions, as the levels fluctuate, different systems will be affected. Here are the most common symptoms:

Hot flashes – the sudden feeling of a warm/hotness in face, chest, or all over the body. These flashes can last anywhere between 20 seconds to 10 minutes that may happen frequently or once or twice a week.

Sexual Changes – some women may experience a decrease in sexual interest, while others may even feel sexier as menopause occurs.

Mood Changes – not all, but some women may experience feeling more moody or irritable.

Period Changes – as the menopause stage approaches, some women may experience periods to be shorter, longer, lighter or heavier.

Body Changes – some women may gain fat as they approach menopause or experience muscle and joints pain. 

Menopause is a natural stage of womanhood's life cycle. Know that every woman is different, and symptoms experienced vary from person to person. To help manage these symptoms, it is best to have a healthy diet plan with the right supplement and get plenty of exercise. One of the most effective supplements in today’s market is the Menodause Extra Strength, a 100% natural formula clinically proven product which contains a blend of potent plants and essential nutrients that have been proven for millennials in restoring hormonal balance. More and more women are now using Menodause Extra Strength to alleviate unwanted menopausal symptoms.

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