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FLOSSPOT™ is a mini mason jar filled with lab tested for purity, luxurious silk dental floss, lightly waxed for strength and ease of use between tight teeth. It is not flavoured because flavouring changes the lab results, which we do not want.
FLOSSPOT™ has been a complete two years in the making. We wanted to get it right the first time and we welcome any and all feedback. Plastic under the gum line either with floss or a toothbrush bristle, simply no longer makes sense, especially now that the alternatives are so much more beautiful.


100% Silk

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KMH holds a valid HEALTH CANADA Medical Device Establishment License – which holds us accountable to our customers, and to our Government’s rigorous guidelines.
In 2015, KMH Touches was promoting an on the wall floss dispenser which was slowly catching on across Canada. The dispenser made sense in that you fill it once, and then refill yearly – saving many plastic floss dispensers from entering landfills.
But it was in fact- plastic,  as was the floss. After viewing the short film Albatross, we decided that we needed to find a better way that did not add to the plasticide witnessed in that very compelling movie.
We ordered this online, as a decoration for our office in downtown GALT, CAMBRIDGE, Ontario. As it sat there, it occurred to us . . . THAT is how things USED to work – before plastic.
We decided to resurrect this design in a way that fit today’s needs. We started to source glass companies and silk production around the globe. Silk is quite decadent and absorbing in a way plastic simply cannot be.  Plastic is created from petroleum, and has never been alive.
But silk, cotton and hemp were alive, and therefore viable floss sources.
We realized that because they are from nature, they would quickly return to nature and are completely biodegradable. China and India are the two leading producers of silk today. China has been producing silk for over 5 thousand years. Brazil, Turkey, and Vietnam following behind later. The silk worm does lose it’s life in this process, but the number of animals being tangled, maimed, suffocated, and killed by plastic, teflon, and nylon floss is significantly greater.
Why? Because plastICK waste is like a weapon of mass destruction…it kills aimlessly and is itself-seemingly indestructible!
We at KMH will continue to create new and innovative eco dental products. We began with Brush with Bamboo™ Plant Based Bristle Toothbrushes, and will continue with Eco friendly flosses, and eventually PLAQUEVAC, so keep an eye on us for the up to the minute dental innovation.
It’s just simply TIME FOR CHANGE.
As the movie says, “Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time?”