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Boosting your child’s immune system

Alexandra Leon

The immune system is the body's natural defense against bacterias and viruses. Infants have delicate immune systems that are still developing which makes them more vulnerable to harmful microorganisms. Knowing how to strengthen your child’s immune system can help you take care of your child's future health.

 Boosting your child’s immune system - - Free shipping >59$


According to a variety of studies, breastmilk is the only food that contains all the nutrients necessary for newborns and infants. In the first months of life, it’s a crucial building block for the immune system because breastmilk transmits the mother's immunity to her baby. Most experts recommend breastfeeding as the single source of food for the first six months. Afterward, complementing with food necessary but breastfeeding is still vital until the age of two.


A good diet

After the six month mark, experts recommend starting your child on a diet of solids in small portions. Healthy, natural foods made fresh at home are will give the most nutrients. Preparing juices, small portions of vegetables and fruits, as well as porridge, will help to strengthen the immune system and protect your child from disease.


Emotional support

The emotional bond between parent and child can also strengthen the immune system. Lack of affection or emotional attention affects a child deeply. Although they can’t speak, children feel a great deal more then most people realize. When the brain is affected by negative emotions, it sends stress signals to the body which weakens the immune system. A healthy emotional bond between parent and child can be an important part of a strong immune system.



A clean baby in a healthy environment contributes to a strong immune system. BUT the secret is the balance. There are many myths about cleanliness and one of the most popular is hygienic excess – the cleaner the better. Remember that everything in excess hurts and sometimes it’s good to let your child play on the floor or walk barefoot in the house. Don’t be too concerned about a little dirt on their hands or about putting some objects in the mouth, as long as they aren't small, sharp or hazardous! All this helps the body to slowly be in contact with foreign microbes and to create antibodies; the building blocks of the immune system.



  • For mothers who are nursing, it is important to know that the child's nutrition depends on what the mother eats. What you eat, the baby will receive. Which is why supplementing with products such as GENIUS Mom and baby by Nutripur, are crucial for optimal development. If you do not produce a large amount of breastmilk it is advisable to eat foods that increase productivity or take natural supplements that are made for such purposes such as milk thistle. 
  • Beyond 6 months old, it is important to supplement the babies diets with multivitamins such as the Ddrops and Jamieson brands to ensure they have all the vitamins they need to properly develop their defense system and for proper growth. 
  • You can also include superfoods in the child's diet that are naturally rich in nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

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